Paid Ad Management

Whether you call it Adwords, Paid Search, SEM, Display Marketing, fact is if you want predictable and scaleable results paid advertising is a proven method. From Google AdWords to Facebook ads, we help our clients reach their prospects on the paid platforms that are most effective.

We’ve built our paid ad management program based on what gets our clients the best results, while providing the ultimate level of transparency. Paid campaigns are optimized to meet your goals including quality traffic, ROI, and conversion goals. We also provide detailed analytics reporting outlining the campaign’s success.

With Google AdWords, we can tap into the intent-based marketing, targeting people already looking for your type of service. And with Facebook Advertising, we can hyper target your ideal prospect. The result is that you get in front of the right people at the right place, at the right time.

Whether you are looking to optimize an existing paid ad account for better performance or create new ad campaigns, we’ll work to achieve a positive ROI for your business.

Will Paid Advertising Work for You?

We’ll help you to decide which products or services you’ll advertise to target customers who are most likely to buy. There are different motivations why people purchase a product or a service as well as different demographics that use your product or service. Our research focuses on the demographics and the mindset of your potential customers, so we can focus your ads toward your target market with laser precision. We go deep into this process so that we can compare your estimated cost of acquisition to your average profit per customer to determine whether the numbers make sense for your business.

Words are Powerful, Especially in Paid Advertising

We research the keywords and the phrases that will best match your prospects’ online searches. Our keyword research includes monthly search volume data, estimated click-through rates, and metrics that allow us to choose the best, most profitable content and keywords for your ads.

After the research we create campaigns that target your ideal customer’s demographics, interests, and geographic locations. We also create ads that stand out, are highly relevant to on-page content, deliver a compelling offer, and have a strong call to action. We ensure that your ad copy is relevant to your target audience on the websites they frequent.

Put a Spotlight on Your Products and Services

While your ads are important, your landing pages are where conversions happen. We design landing pages that are tailored to each of your ads with one big goal in mind – converting the prospect visitor into a customer. Your landing pages are designed to let visitors immediately know that your page is relevant to the ad that they clicked. We ensure the content is created so your new customers know exactly the solution your products and services provide.

Is It working?

We continuously review and optimize your campaigns to ensure success. Our team works with your sales leadership to track conversions such as form entries, online sales, prospect calls (both from your website and from ads). Digital Spark Studio will adjust your paid campaigns for placement, targeting, and schedules to maximize your returns.