Search Engine Optimization

Fact: 70% of Links Clicked on By Users are Organic SEO – NOT Paid. *Search Engine Journal

SEO is now so complex that, to play in this arena, you need a monthly budget and approach. Getting to the top of the search engine rankings and staying there takes a team like ours – a dedicated, well-rounded team of web and SEO professionals. We will get your message in front of the right searches to help you gain more clicks, conversions & customers.

SEO also goes way beyond the on-page copy, links and keywords. It uses content marketing, blog posts, landing pages, infographics, video, on-page updates, PR and keyword analysis. And finally, the best SEO strategy needs to earn links legitimately through quality content and link outreach. We know just how important it is to direct that traffic right to you so organic search traffic turns into revenue.

Checking Your SEO “Health”

With your marketing goals in mind, we conduct an “SEO Audit.” We review the technical infrastructure of your website, the on-page elements and the off-page essentials. This is done to optimize your site’s search engine visibility, usability, and conversion of visitors into leads. This SEO audit will become the blueprint for our team’s SEO strategy for your business.

Spark Up Your Website

At Digital Spark Studio, we don’t just guess what keywords your prospective clients are searching for on search engines. We research exactly what is being typed and target those search terms to send you more qualified traffic. Targeted web traffic can result in higher conversion rate and more business.

While our Internet marketing and SEO system can provide great results, it will not happen overnight. It usually takes 3-6 months for the efforts of an SEO campaign to fully register with the major search engines. However, it is well worth the wait when you’re talking about potentially doubling or tripling your web traffic. After the 3-6 months, you can enjoy top results for your targeted keyword, which will drive those extra phone calls you need to take your business to the next level.

Displaying Your Website for Local Searches

Using Local SEO, we ensure your business is visible online to potential customers in your area who are searching for your products and services. Local SEO allows you to promote your business to local consumers at exactly the time they’re looking for your products or services. Our local SEO uses search engines like Google and business directories like Yelp, Citysearch, and more.

Tracking Your Website’s Performance

In measuring SEO efforts, you quickly realize there are numerous factors to determining if your SEO work is successful. We realize the best solution is to decide which key performance indicators (KPIs) to use, and to tie the KPIs to your marketing goals.
Data needs to be prioritized into information that’s important for your website. No two businesses have the exact same strategies, goals and objectives – and neither do any two websites. To make informed decisions, you must be armed with data from Google Analytics.

We use the data in these reports to monitor and enhance your marketing efforts. Also, we work with you one-on-one to review and to explain these reports to ensure that your search marketing investment is working for you.

We care about our customers online presence and understand that taking shortcuts to achieve higher rankings can end up hurting a business more than helping it. Our campaigns enable your website to climb the rankings naturally – and not as the result of some questionable strategy which Google and Bing will reject.