Video Production

As marketers, we know nothing can beat a referral from a trusted source to hasten the buying cycle. Digital Spark Studio ensures that your video marketing gives you the opportunity to build on that trust by speaking directly to consumers. This establishes connectivity with your customers on a whole new level.

Your brand can’t stay stagnant – you must bring it to life and what better way to do that than video. Telling your brand story is important in keeping your audience connected and bringing in viewers, otherwise known as new customers. Through visuals unique to your business, we express your brand’s personality, emotion and value. These characteristics can drive buyers to you as well as create loyalty among existing customers.

The Digital Spark Studio video marketing team builds trust and recognition for your brand through a targeted experience that leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience. Your brand will stand out in every video, so your viewers know who you are no matter when or where they watch your content.

Though video marketing grows exponentially, we recognize classic marketing techniques and questions remain relevant. Where do your customers hang out online? Which platform allows you to best express yourself via video? Our team uses this research to ensure video marketing is integrated with your overall marketing goals.

Video as SEO

Video marketing is an imperative in a search engine-driven world. Videos that engage viewers, keep them on the page and encourage social sharing, will always rank higher. As well, each video you use on a website gives you more pages to index in search engines, enabling a stronger online ranking. We consider all of this while putting a “face” to your content.

Video as a Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Awareness – Media-rich content gets you seen and heard.
  • Social Engagement – Followers and subscribers are more likely to share videos.
  • Brand Trust – Your brand can build trust and loyalty with the connectivity of video.
  • Organic Ranking – Videos embedded in your content will help it outrank competitors’.
  • Mobile Optimization – Videos optimized for mobile make your content available on the go
  • Conversion – Video content is a way for your brand to convert buyers.

Video marketing makes a difference in every vertical. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the bottom line is the same: Viewers are consumers, and videos are designed to be consumed without asking too much of your audience. That means we’ll help you connect with customers like never before, on their terms and in their preferred format.

If you’re new to video, or don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. Our video production team is here to answer your questions. From digital shorts to full-fledged TV episodes, your company will realize the benefits of effective video marketing by working with our in-house videographers and multimedia experts.